The best way to clean a kettle

By | October 22, 2019

Do you use your kettle on a daily basis? Every few months you should clean it so that you can better its performance and remove all of the build-up minerals and limescale that are on the inside. Not only will this cause bad performance but the lifespan can shorten. Who would want this to happen to their favorite kettle?

The First Method

For the first method, all you will need is water and vinegar. Fill the kettle up to ¾ with equal parts of vinegar and water. Turn the kettle and let the mixture boil then let it stay in for around 30 minutes.

Then remove the mixture, rinse the kettle and boil it again so that you remove all of the vinegar properly.

The Second Method

For this method, you will need coke – the drink that has a phosphoric acidity at a pH of 2.8 which makes it efficient at cleaning.

Fill in the kettle with coke and boil it. Let the liquid in for 45 minutes and then pour it out. Rinse the inside and then boil it again with just some water so that you can remove the taste of coke.

The Third Method

Which item is just as effective as vinegar and coke? Lemon juice. Make a mixture – 30ml lemon juice and 500 ml water and let it sit in the kettle for an hour. Then boil the liquids and remove them.

The Fourth Method

You will need baking soda for this cleaning method. If you have been searching for homemade methods to clean anything at all – you know baking soda is the thing that seems to be able to remove nasty odors, stains, and clean anything. Fill the kettle with water and proceed with adding a tablespoon of baking soda. Let it stay in there for 30 minutes and remove it (do not boil it). After you have rinsed the inside boil the kettle with fresh water so that you can remove the taste of the baking soda.