How To Properly Clean Feather Pillows?

By | June 26, 2021

How often do you wash your pillows? Is this chore on your to-do list or have you never actually cleaned them? Well, since I know most people hate cleaning their homes and they tend to focus on vacuuming and dusting, washing the pillows can easily be placed at the bottom of your “cleaning chores list”. Unfortunately, cleaning your pillows is extremely important because they tend to absorb dirt, dust, germs, and all sorts of impurities you do not want near your face!

Today, I will show you exactly how to properly clean your feather pillows so impurities and bacteria are no longer a problem!

How To Properly Clean Feather Pillows?

This cleaning chore is super easy – you just wash them in your washing machine. Yes, that’s it – no need for special DIY recipes, complicated cleaning methods, or some fancy commercial products, just throw them in your washing machine.

I recommend you add two pillows in the appliance.

If you have a dryer then you can use it on the hottest setting without worries – the appliance won’t damage your pillows! If you do not have a dryer then let them air-dry, of course, this will take a while so you might want to wait for a hot sunny day so you can take them outside in the sun. That way, the pillows will dry so much faster!

And just like that, you have clean pillows that smell amazing – and are free of all dirt, dust, and bacteria!