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Here is how to clean dirty vases in seconds

If you love having flowers around your home chances are you are always washing vases. I know I love decorating my living room with fresh flowers which is why I decided I should find an effective and easy way to clean my vases. If they look dirty then the whole appeal of having fresh flowers… Read More »

How to remove yellow spots from different fabrics?

Yellow spots are quite a common problem that many deal with especially when it comes to upholstery. The possible causes are a lot, therefore, I won’t cover them. But I will cover all of the ways you can get rid of these annoying stains regardless of the fabric or surface. Get rid of yellow spots… Read More »

How to clean vomit out of a carpet?

Someone has vomited on your carpet? Maybe you had your friends over and someone had too much to drink or your kid or pet was sick? Although it’s quite unpleasant don’t panic. It’s not impossible to clean it. I have some tips and tricks for you. Even if you don’t contact a cleaning company like to… Read More »

Greatest Myths about Mattress Cleaning

Maintaining your mattress in a good condition is important if you want to sleep well and be healthy. Some of the things you need to do to prolong the life cycle of your mattress are to flip it two times a year, wash and change your sheets every week and to keep it clean. The… Read More »

Blood Stain Removal from Bedding and Clothes

Blood stains are not uncommon on bedding and clothing though they are notoriously hard to remove, especially when left for long time, or treated using the wrong cleaning product or solution. Keep in mind that removal of blood stains from common fabrics like cotton and polyester is quite straightforward, however dealing with blood stains on… Read More »