This Is The Easiest Way To Clean Your AirPods!

By | April 6, 2021

Ever since I received my AirPods as a Christmas present, I have become obsessed with them. I used to have a huge problem with my other earbuds because they weren’t wireless, therefore, they got stuck in doorknobs and were pretty uncomfortable to use. I also used to forget that I had them on and would get up from my sofa which meant that my phone got dragged and fell onto the floor.

Now that I use AirPods, I no longer have these problems and I can easily exercise and move around my home without worrying that I will drop my phone somewhere. If you have AirPods like me then you are probably wondering how to clean them easily without damaging them – and I will tell you exactly how I do it!

How I Clean My AirPods?

I went on numerous blogs in hopes to find how to clean them but I must admit the best tip was on the Apple website. They say that using a Q-tip is the easiest yet most effective way to clean them.

Use the Q-tip to wipe the microphone and the speaker meshes. I also use an old toothbrush since debris are often stuck in tiny holes. I gently rub the holes with the toothbrush so I don’t damage my AirPods.

Please, note that you shouldn’t use any cleaners or water since getting your AirPods wet will damage them. They are not water-resistant so be careful!