Blood Stain Removal from Bedding and Clothes

By | August 30, 2016

Blood stains are not uncommon on bedding and clothing though they are notoriously hard to remove, especially when left for long time, or treated using the wrong cleaning product or solution. Keep in mind that removal of blood stains from common fabrics like cotton and polyester is quite straightforward, however dealing with blood stains on delicate fabrics like silk may require professional cleaning treatments. If the bed linen or piece of clothing has a care tag, by all means refer to it and follow instructions by Carpet Cleaning Dalston.

  • In all instances, the best chance you have to remove blood from fabrics is to act fast, while the stain is still wet/moist. Soak the affected garment or area of fabric in cold water this will prevent the stain from drying and becoming permanent. If dealing with a smaller sized stain just place the fabric under running, cold water, soak larger stains in a sink basin or bathtub.
  • Once soaked, rub the affected area with any old soap you have nearby, dishwashing liquid will also do. Work the soap/dishwashing liquid thoroughly over the stained area, on both sides of the fabric. Rinse the fabric, check results. You may need to repeat the process a number of times, so be patient and take your time.
  • The above steps are considered pre-treatment of blood stains and meant to facilitate a complete removal in combination with machine wash (if such is not achieved by pre-treating alone). Once you are done with the above, subject the fabric to regular machine washing. It is advisable to apply a moderate amount of formulated fabric stain remover directly onto the affected area/s, then machine wash as you normally would.

If removing blood stains from shaggier fabrics and rugs, you may refer to the above guidelines, except for machine washing as some rugs and shaggy fabrics don’t handle machine wash too well. Removing blood stains from shaggy rugs or longer strand fabrics is trickier as you need to work your way between strands, all the way to the bottom. This will require larger amount of cleaning product though start with a sparing amount first. If the blood stain is of small proportions you don’t have to soak the entire rug but the affected area only. If using a dedicated cleaning product test it out on a small, obscured area of the rug/fabric you are cleaning.

In all cases, never subject / pre-treat a blood stained fabric using hot or warm water. Blood contains various enzymes which solidify and became permanent stains when soaked in hot water – always use cold water only! Acting quickly is the first and most important thing when tackling blood stains – the longer the stain sits in the fabric, the harder it becomes to remove. Always look for care tags on rugs, garments and bed linen – following the washing instructions on tags will take the guesswork out of removing blood stains and prevent cleaning/washing damage to your fabrics. If using a specially formulated stain removal product, make sure it is suitable for the type of fabric/material you are washing.